J.W. Cole Financial, Inc.

J.W. COLE FINANCIAL, INC. is a full service FINRA Member Broker-Dealer offering a wide array of general securities, investment products and insurance services. With Financial Advisors throughout the U.S., our main objective is to provide our registered representatives with the best products and services available in the financial services industry so that they can successfully service their clients' needs. Whether it is an individual, family or business, J.W. Cole representatives are capable of compiling an investment plan tailored specifically to the needs of the client. At the core of all investment plans is the formation of strong personal relationships. Whether it is the relationship between the home office and the representative or the representative and the client, listening and comprehending the needs of those that work with us is key for the continued growth of J.W. Cole's clients and representatives.

J.W. Cole Financial, Inc. 4301 Anchor Plaza Parkway Suite 450 Tampa, FL 33625  Member FINRA/SIPC.

National Financial Services LLC ("NFS") serves as J.W. Cole's clearing firm for its brokerage business. In a brokerage account, you are able to trade stocks, bonds and other types of securities, as well as consolidated balance and position reporting. NFS is a Fidelity Investments Company and a recognized industry leader for clearing and technological innovation.  NFS is part of the Institutional Brokerage Group of Fidelity Investments. Securities in accounts carried by a Fidelity Investments company, are protected by the Securities Investor Protection Corporation ("SIPC") up to $500,000 (including cash claims limited to $100,000). NFS has arranged for additional insurance protection for cash and securities to supplement its SIPC coverage. This additional protection covers total account net equity in excess of the $500,000/$100,000 coverage provided by SIPC. Neither coverage protects against a decline in the market value of securities.